Мое интервью для TechCrunch

Майк Бутчер, редактор TechCrunch Европа взял у меня  интервью на московской встрече. Теперь оно опубликовано в теккранче.

by Mike Butcher on December 23, 2010

Alena Popova, is a former TV journalist who got into Web 2.0 a while back and is now a specialist in “Government 2.0″. She is also a venture investor in a social shopping startup in Russia and startup adviser.

We chatted about the startup scene and Russia’s Skolovo project to create a Silicon Valley in Russia. She’s also working on generating greater awareness of e-government in Russia and helped establish the project Duma 2.0 in Moscow. At the recent TechCrunch Moscow event I talked to her about empowering ordinary citizens in Russia through Government 2.0 platforms – especially important in a developing economy like Russia’s where officialdom can often disappoint – and the startup scene in Russia.




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